Sunday, July 19, 2015

Catching up once more...

Goodness!  It;s been more than six months since I posted!  A lot has happened in that six months... our second grandson, Mick, was born a few weeks early;  we lost my mother in law just days after the new grandchild was born; and I've been helping launch a new charter school in our community (opening in just two weeks!)  But I have done some quilting in between, so will share some of my work from the past several months...

This is a quilt I made for our son...  the scripture is one my hubby shared with him on the birth of his son...  Psalm 127:3-5.

Here's one I made for our pastor and his wife when they moved away this spring after seven years...  sniff, sniff...

I liked my pastor's quilt so much that I made myself a smaller version for a wall hanging.

I made another Lulu quilt for baby Mick...  these are the quilts I'm making with pieces of my mother's favorite gowns...  The bunnies on this one are from one of the gowns.  Labels on these quilts read  "This quilt was made with love so you'll have a piece of your Lulu who's watching you from Heaven above."

This is the latest finish... my first try at English Paper Piecing. I had grand plans of making the background with muslin hexies, but once I saw how long it took to simply make the medallions, I ran out of patience. Hexies are machiine appliqued onto wholecloth muslin. I really like how the quilting came out! It fits a full-size bed.

Lastly, here is a peacock panel quilt I made for a dear friend who loves peacocks. I started with the printed panel and added mitered borders of solid black and floral striped fabric.

I;ve also done a number of tshirt quilts on commission. It's been a busy six months!

Please send me comments if you'd like how-to info on any of these quilts.