Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby Jack's Lulu Quilt

If you read my entry about the first Lulu Quilt, you already know the background of the "Lulu Quilts."  If not, please refer to a previous entry called The First Lulu Quilt.

The photo above features my precious daughter-in-law, Stephanie, with the quilt I recently made for our first grandchild, Jack.  Baby Jack will make his appearance in early January 2014, and we can hardly wait!!!

Since my son is a "manly man," he made it abundantly clear that HIS son would not use a "girly" quilt like the premier Lulu quilt.  (Sorry, Rachel and Russ, if Nolan's was too feminine...)  So I broke out my stash of browns and blues to come up with this chevron-style quilt.  The palest blue "stripes" are the pieces of Lulu's gown.  I think this palette meets my son's approval. 

I followed a tutorial from Amanda of Material Girl Quilts, which I found on Pinterest.  The pattern was posted on the Moda Bake Shop website.  Honestly, most of my quilt inspiration comes from Pinterest...  although I RARELY follow the directions!  (In this case, I followed most of them, but did not start out with charm squares.)  I added a 3" border because I didn't follow the directions and made too few squares, resulting in a too-small quilt.  I should note that the reason I made too few squares was that the fabric from Lulu's sating gown was so squirrelly; I tired quickly of fighting it.   

This was a really good tutorial with very clear directions.  Too bad I suffer from terrible perceptual difficulties; I had an AWFUL time piecing that sucker on point!  I had a crick in my neck for DAYS from cocking my head to try making sense of the pictures!  (Again, my fault; not the fault of the pattern creator!)

Because of my perceptual shortcomings, it was not until I had the ENTIRE thing pieced, including the border, that I realized ONE block, dead-center in the quilt top, was turned the wrong way!  My husband and dogs heard some ugly words emanating from my sewing room that late night!  That's when I remembered my other handicap:  I do not work well after 8:00 p.m.  You'd find me sewing lots at 4:00 a.m., but NOT in the evening!  My husband saw no reason for me to rip it out and fix it; he said no one else would ever notice it...  but I would know!  (and I think it would have been noticeable.)

Baby Jack's Lulu Quilt was the first one I quilted on my NEW Platinum 16 by Husqvarna Viking.  I am LOVING this machine!  (and the sweet hubby who bought it for me.)  I did some pebbling on the Lulu stripes.   Then I switched over to my Topaz 30 and a walking foot for straight-line stitching, following the chevrons, for the rest of the quilt.

So, what did learn from this quilt???  First, to think twice before considering another quilt done on point.  I think I'd have done better to do chevrons with half-square triangles so I wouldn't have to cock my head!  Secondly, I learned that it really wasn't so awful to rip out and replace that wrong block...  I didn't say it was fun, just not awful.  I also learned that for future Lulu quilts, I will be stabilizing that satin before cutting it!  When I made the first Lulu quilt, the circles were stabilized with Wonder Under for the appliques.  Little did I know then, how much of a difference that would make!

So Baby Jack, when you get here, please note that TONS of love went into your Lulu quilt!  I'm not sure I'd have done it for anyone else!